Our technology is backed by science, study and Mother Nature herself.
At NEDLAW Living Roofs™, we stand by the design and installation quality of our systems. As on any roof system, protocols must be in place to eliminate the risk of leaks. On a living roof, weight and thickness present unique challenges. A typical NEDLAW Living Roof is like a seven-layer cake. Extensive and thorough testing and waterproofing is performed at each layer.

How to plant the perfect roof

Prior to installation, NEDLAW flood tests the existing roof and seals any cracks. Once the membrane has been installed, the drainage board is laid down to provide space for water collection and drainage. This serves the plants with needed moisture during periods of drought.

Next, the filter/retention layer is added to increase water retention and prevent loss of organic material. Then the growth medium is added to a depth of two to six inches. Finally the vegetation mat is put down, which prevents growth medium loss and provides instant roof greening with a wide variety of native plant species.

Principal Green Roof Technology source: National Research Council, Institute for Research in Construction.

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