Separation bar
NEDLAW Living Roofs™ provides perforated aluminum edging to act as a crucial barrier between vegetated and non-vegetated areas on a Living Roof. The separation bar also ensures that vegetation stays in place. Filter cloth is fastened to the side of the separation bar that is in contact with the soil to prevent the soil from migrating through the edging.

Drain and anchor boxes
We create custom-fitted boxes, from our perforated aluminum edging, that protect roof accessories from being hidden or damaged by vegetation or other Living Roof system components. It also allows for easy maintenance access. The inside of the boxes can be filled with crushed stone or gravel.

Water retention and drainage modules
Modi™ and Green Innovations™ provide modular drainage systems that consist of specially designed interlocking plastic squares. Several drainage cups retain and circulate water to ensure proper storm-water management and effective moisture levels throughout the life-cycles of your Living Roof. Drainage boards provide enough weight resistance to allow personnel and equipment to travel over the installed system. These modules are made from post-consumer recycled and pre-consumer recycled content.

Modi Garden Grid™
Garden Grid™ consists of uniquely shaped interlocking pieces that can be formed to fit any space or detail. Garden Grid™ is highly resistant to compression, making it ideal for paths and walkways.

NEDLAW Living Roofs GroMedium ™
The NEDLAW growing medium is a lightweight soil mix of organic and inorganic material that is hospitable to a wide variety of plant species. It also has superb water-retention qualities that work in combination with all of our other Living Roof system components to achieve effective storm-water management.

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