Centre for International Governance and Innovation (CIGI)
Project Completion Date: May, 2007
Project Highlights: Twenty-five large skylights provided an opportunity to demonstrate our ability to install detailed edging and gravel and custom cut vegetation.
Project Location: The Centre for International Governance and Innovation, Downtown Waterloo, Ontario.
Project Area: 7, 200 sqft with 6,000 sqft of vegetation.
Roof Structure Layers: Waterproof membrane manufactured by Bakor and installed with inverted insulation by a certified roofing contractor. Protective clear poly plastic layer, root barrier, Modi drainage board, and filter cloth.
Soil Information: Land Source BioMix, 10 cm depth
Plant Material: NLR pre-grown Native Valley Mixture mats
Irrigation: Manual watering for first month after installation. Native Ontario vegetation requires no permanent irrigation system.
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